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About Colors™ Solid Surface

Colors™ Solid Surface is a surface coating treatment that provides a superior, excellent, flawless finish. With applications for every kind of surface, Colors Solid Surface has made inroads into technical excellence and aesthetic brilliance with solutions for every kind.

Salient features of Colors™ Solid Surface:

* Firmness with smooth finish, suitable for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Hospitals, Laboratories, Hotels and any surface where high wear and tear is observed.
* The chemical composition makes it resistant to stain and having low
* Unlike natural stone, Colors Solid Surface coatings are impervious to bacteria.
* Joining is done in invisible joints and perfect seamless finish.
* Choice of hundreds of colours, finishes and textures.
* Mimicking natural stone also is an option, apart from single colour smooth finishes.
* Flexibility in design is possible, especially in case of asymmetrical areas and corners.
* Easy to clean if the authorized kind of cleaning agents are used.

Technical and Manufacturing:

We at XXX are manufacturers of Solid surface coatings and believe that the technology part is vital to a good result. Therefore, our team consists of trained personnel who are familiar with all aspects of the execution process.

Options for size (Standard Size):
* Maximum length -2.4 m.
* Width -0.76 m.
* Thickness - Can be provided as per requirement within the available framework.

Also Available in Any Size

How to care for Colors™ Solid Surface:

* Do not keep the surface wet for inordinate amount of time.
* Scratches should be repaired by company personnel only.
* If countertops or sinks have been unused for long time and are filthy, use the requisite amount of authorized chemical to wash it.
* Solid surfaces can withstand some amount of load, within limit.
* The solid surface must be kept away from strong chemical agents.